The system for success

One of the most important duties in food industry circulation is suitable and systematical packing. Packing is very important in every industry and more vital in food sectors.
By using of perfect and suitable we can guarantee that food products will be delivered to the final users with perfect health and hygienically.
One of the newest technologies in food industry especially for milk and fruit juice and etc … Is multi packing.
This Kind of packing has many advantages that include comfortable in transportation, increase in health and safety, long lasting, returnable to the environment circulation and etc.
In recent years with government struggles, it has been tried to increase the per capita of milk and fruit juice use in our country which is in a lower level in the world yet and reaching to a desirable level.
In direction to achievement to this target, it has been performed nationally Distribution of free milk (free nourishing) at the schools and in this regards, several plans have been compiled.
Using of suitable and hygienic packing has been one of the important reasons in performing this plan. In comparison with other kids of packing, we can introduce multi-layer packing as the best types for foods such as milk and fruit juice.
At this time, this kind of paper is imported from abroad. Since. The government’s new plan mentioned above resulting in increase in per capita use of milk, it seems producing this kind of paper is vital in our country.
However there are so many problems and dams in this field and due to mentioned factors, we have decided to put steps in this way and by establishing this industry in our country we could be able to pace towards our country independent and provide services to our people.